Top 10 Excel Shortcuts and Techniques for Improving Productivity

Microsoft Excel is more than just powerful spreadsheet software. It’s a critical tool for analysts, accountants, marketers, and professionals from every field. Its comprehensive features and functionality can be significantly enhanced as we master the shortcuts and technique. It improves overall productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re preparing for an Excel Certification or undertaking a Excel Training simply seeking to understand What is Excel and its capabilities, this knowledge is invaluable. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 Excel shortcuts and techniques that can transform the way you work with data. It makes your tasks quicker and your analysis more robust.

Quick Navigation and Selection

Ctrl + Arrow Key: Jump to the edge of data regions

Navigating through large datasets can be time-consuming. Using Ctrl along with an arrow key allows you to quickly move to the edge of data regions, saving you from scrolling endlessly.

Shift + Ctrl + Arrow Key: Select large data ranges

To extend the quick navigation, adding Shift into the mix selects everything from your starting point to the edge of your data range, making data manipulation and formatting much faster.

Instant Data Analysis

Alt + E, S, V: Paste Special

Paste Special is a gateway to advanced data manipulation. This shortcut opens the Paste Special dialog, allowing you to paste data in a specific format, perform operations like addition or multiplication on a range of cells, or transpose data.

Ctrl + T: Convert range to table

Converting a range of data into a table (Ctrl + T) instantly unlocks powerful features such as easy filtering, sorting, and the use of structured references in formulas.

Efficient Formula Handling

F2: Edit active cell

This Excel Shortcuts Jumping directly into editing mode with F2 saves time and reduces the risk of accidentally typing over a cell’s content. It’s particularly useful for quickly adjusting formulas.

Alt + =: AutoSum

This handy shortcut quickly sums up numbers in adjacent cells, eliminating the need to manually enter the SUM function. It’s a great time-saver for financial analysis and reporting.

Dynamic Charts and Visuals

Alt + F1: Create a chart instantly

Visual data representation is key in analysis. Alt + F1 instantly creates a chart from selected data, providing a quick visual insight without navigating through menus.

F11: New chart sheet

For a more detailed analysis, F11 takes the selected data and creates a new chart in a separate sheet, allowing for more extensive customization and analysis.

Mastering the Fill Handle

Double-click Fill Handle: Auto-fill down

The fill handle is a powerful feature for extending formulas, dates, and more. Double-clicking the fill handle (the small square at the bottom right of the selection) automatically fills down the data based on the pattern above, making data entry and formula replication effortless.

Flash Fill: A Time-Saving Gem

Ctrl + E: Flash Fill

Introduced in Excel 2013, Flash Fill (Ctrl + E) intelligently fills out data based on the pattern it detects in your actions, perfect for splitting text or standardizing data formats without complex formulas.

Easy Access to Cell Formats

Ctrl + 1: Format cells dialog

This shortcut opens the Format Cells dialog box, providing quick access to cell formatting options like number format, alignment, font, border, and fill settings, streamlining the data presentation process.

Quick Cell Insertion and Deletion

Ctrl + Shift + “+”: Insert new cells

Ctrl + “-“: Delete selected cells

Quickly adjusting your dataset by adding or removing cells can be done without navigating through menus, facilitating smooth data management and organization.

Seamless Worksheet Management

Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down: Switch between worksheets

This Excel Shortcuts efficiently move through various worksheets in a workbook with this shortcut. It is enabling faster data comparison and analysis across sheets.

Advanced Filtering and Sorting

Ctrl + Shift + L: Toggle filters

Applying filters to your data is essential for focusing on specific information. This shortcut quickly toggles filters on and off, making data analysis more manageable and accessible.


In this article, we share about the most used Excel Shortcut and Techniques to improve your excel productivity. The update versions of Excel may have a different interface but these shortcut keys remain same.

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