Why did Ted Finch Leave priestly Demolition?

“Salvage Kings” is a TV show about a team that finds the valuable material from the commercial locations and sells the valuable materials. They have the team of Priestly Demolition, which is the Demolition contractor in Canada. Ted Finch is an audience favorite team member of Priestly Demolition. So, Why did Ted Finch leave priestly Demolition? Ted Finch leaves Priestly Demolition because he starts focus on his company called Fashback salvage founded 1991. He is well known for working in the salvage and sales department of the company. He does his best to recycle and reuse instead of landfills. 

Priestly Demolition has the best tools, techniques and professionals to disassemble the huge structures in less time and effort. They separate out the recyclable material for further use. The team finds the best solution for salvation of material that can be profitable and saves the environment. The show also shares a lot about historical pieces and shifts the material according to the law. The show shares the entertaining and educational knowledge of proper use of different useless structures.

Flashback Salvage

Ted Finch business is located at the location of an old former rail station. The company collects the best historical salvages and serves their customers well. It also has a show that shares the journey to find the best salvages. They work in the limited time to find as many valuable salvages from the old or destroyed properties.   

Priestly Demolition company

The priestly Demolition became Canada’s number one demolition and environmental friendly deconstruction company. The company was founded in 1971 in Ontario, Canada. They have the expertise to handle every possible situation while deconstructing any structure. You can witness their expertise through the Salvage Kings show. They also cooperate with other organisations to give proper reasonable solutions. 

The company follows the proper safety standards to resolve any type of complex project. They never ignore the safety measures and always take care of every team member. The company always protects the members and even pauses their work to ensure safety protocols. The company also wins several awards due to meeting the requirement of complex structured projects. 

The Gardiner Expressway Eastbound demolition was completed in the period of 5 weeks. It proves that the priestly team has high leadership and the strategic approach to do bigger tasks. 

Another award winning project is the recycling and environmental protection of Humber Hospital in 2017. The hospital closed due to reconstruction of residential developments. The Priestly Demolition removed the hospital walls to protect the asbestos, electrical wiring and mechanical structures. The company also extracted the red bricks from the concrete through an excavator. The 50 employees work for a year in two shifts to complete his project. They save about 90% of the material and send it for recycling. 

The company also got an award for the demolition project of CN Tower. It is a challenging task because the workers are allowed to throw stuff only at night and work under protocols to not disturb the tourists. 

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