Blue Fish Pokemon

As avid Pokemon trainers, we know numerous types of Pokemon with distinct abilities and features. One of the most intriguing and popular types is the Water-type Pokemon, which includes some of the most iconic creatures in the franchise, including the Blue Fish Pokemon. This article will explore the world of Water-type Pokemon, focusing on the Blue Fish Pokemon, their characteristics, evolution, and how to catch and train them.

What is Pokemon?

Blue Fish Pokemon is the common name given to a group of Water-type Pokemon that resemble fish, known as the Basculin species. Basculin is a dual-type Water Pokemon with two distinct appearances, Red-Striped Form and Blue-Striped Form, which vary in strength, abilities, and moves.

The Blue-Striped Form, also known as the Pokemon, is a fierce fighter with high attack and speed stats. It is known for its stunning blue colour and sharp fins, which make it a popular choice. The trainers looking for a strong and visually appealing Pokemon to add to their team.

Evolution of Pokemon

Basculin is not a Pokemon that evolves from or into any other Pokemon. However, the species has two distinct forms, which can be caught in different regions of the Pokemon world.

In the Unnova region, the Blue-Striped Form is more common, while the Red-Striped Form can be found in the wild in the White Forest area. It is worth noting that the two forms have different abilities and moves, making them unique.

How to Catch Blue Fish Pokemon

To catch Fish Pokemon, you must look for them in the Unnova region. They can be found in the wild in various water bodies, such as ponds, lakes, and rivers, using fishing rods or surf skills. Additionally, you can also catch them by trading with other players or purchasing them from in-game markets.

When catching Pokemon, it is essential to consider their moves and abilities, which can vary depending on the Form. The Blue-Striped Form is known for its Aqua Jet, Crunch, and Double-Edge moves. The Red-Striped Form has access to moves such as Final Gambit, Head Smash, and Revenge.

Training Blue Fish Pokemon

Once you have caught your Fish Pokemon. It is the time to train and prepare them for battles against other trainers. As a Water-type Pokemon, Fish Pokemon is particularly strong against Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon but weak against Electric and Grass-type Pokemon.

When training Blue Fish Pokemon, it is essential to focus on their speed and attack stats, making them formidable opponents in battles. It would help if you also taught them moves that complement their abilities and strengths. Such as Waterfall, Surf, and Aqua Tail, which are powerful moves that can cause significant damage to opposing Pokemon.


In conclusion, Blue Fish Pokemon is an exciting and visually appealing Water-type Pokemon. It can add value and strength to any trainer’s team. While it may take some effort and skill to catch and train them. The rewards are well worth it, as Blue Fish Pokemon is a fierce and powerful fighter. It can hold its own against even the strongest opponents.

So, if you want to catch and train a Water-type Pokemon that stands out from the crowd. Look no further than the Blue Fish Pokemon, one of the most iconic and beloved creatures in the Pokemon franchise.

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