Battle Angel Alita Manga Ending Explained

If you’re a Battle Angel Alita manga fan, you might have scratched your head at the end. The manga is a complex and multi-layered story that can be difficult to fully understand, even for the most devoted fans. This article will deeply dive into the ending of Battle Angel Alita manga and explain everything you need to know.

The Story So Far

Before diving into the ending, let us quickly recap the story. Battle Angel Alita is set in a dystopian future where society is split into two classes: the wealthy elite who live in the floating city of Zalem and the poor who live on the ground below. Alita, a cyborg with no memories of her past, is discovered by Dr. Ido, a cybernetic doctor, who takes her in and gives her a new body.

Throughout the manga, Alita uncovers the truth about her past and becomes embroiled in a series of conflicts with various villains. Eventually, Alita learns that she is part of a grand plan to overthrow the ruling class of Zalem and unite the people of the surface. The story climaxes in the final chapters, which we’ll explore in detail.

The Last Battle

The final battle of Battle Angel Alita manga takes place in Zalem. Alita and her allies storm the city to confront the villainous Nova, who is revealed to be the mastermind behind many of the manga’s previous conflicts. Nova has created a massive, artificial brain called Melchizedek, which he plans to use to control the world.

Alita and Nova engage in a brutal battle, during which Alita is mortally wounded. However, Alita’s consciousness can continue fighting in a virtual space, where she confronts Melchizedek and ultimately destroys it. With the destruction of Melchizedek, Nova’s plans are foiled, and the ruling class of Zalem is overthrown.

The Epilogue

After the battle, Alita is left in a comatose state. However, her friends and allies are determined to bring her back. They discover that Alita’s original body is still intact and use advanced technology to transfer her consciousness back into her original form.

The manga ends with Alita waking up in her old body, surrounded by her friends. She expresses her gratitude to them and vows to continue fighting for a better world. The manga’s final panel shows Alita standing on a hill, looking out at the horizon, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

What It All Means

So, what does the ending of Battle Angel Alita manga mean? The manga is about fighting for your beliefs, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The final battle represents the culmination of this theme. Alita and her allies band together to overthrow an oppressive regime and create a better world.

The use of virtual reality in the final battle is also significant. It represents the idea that reality is not always what it seems and that sometimes. We must look beyond the physical world to find the truth. This is a recurring theme throughout the manga as Alita uncovers the secrets of her past and learns the truth about the world around her.

Finally, the epilogue represents a sense of closure and resolution. Alita’s journey throughout the manga is long and difficult, but in the end, she can find peace and happiness. This sends a powerful message about the importance of perseverance, determination. The belief that anything is possible if you’re willing to fight for it.

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